Heroes Returns

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Heroes returned to prime time NBC a couple of weeks back with a bang. Like millions of people around the world, I have eagerly enjoyed the last few episodes. As I was glued to my television set, millions were watching Heroes in a very different way…through torrents. The reality of the new digital landscape is startling. Heroes comes out online in HDTV hours before national broadcast completely free of drug, Tide, Coke, and soap commercials and at extremely fast download speeds. The lack of commercials and fast download speeds is a huge issue for advertisers and shows how in-show marketing is the wave of the future. But without good metrics (unless you are getting it from us), you have no idea to really understand the true value of a show like Heroes.What is interesting is that in syndicated markets like Spain, Heroes is a couple of episodes back compared to what is airing in the United States. What is stunning is to see the way newly released English episodes spread around the world and to see potential new markets that were previously thought to have no interest in Heroes. This is a great opportunity for NBC or for Heroes’ production company to introduce new markets to the new Heroes storyline they are planning.So how do you figure out where to push for syndication or market additional products on a global scale? The traditional method would be to hire a bunch of families who are avid TV viewers and poll them to see the traction for a particular show. I was stunned to learn that is exactly what is going on! So why does this not work? Well things are different now. People are viewing content on many different platforms. While there might be metering technology on a TV set-top box, is there metering technology on the numerous other platforms families are now viewing content on? Nope. So like all things old, metering technology is on its way out and network centric monitoring is on its way in. Scope is the first step in that direction as we quickly realized that meters and panels were dying.

Divinity Metrics Introduces The World’s Largest Online Digital Metrics Platform

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May 1, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - Divinity Metrics today announced the world’s largest metrics platform called, Scope. Scope is a global media metrics platform that changes the way digital media is measured and is the first platform that allows advertisers, media planners, and event promoters to track consumers in real-time. Scope is powered by patent pending technology that aggregates and analyzes information about millions of users around the world consuming digital content and displays targeted geographical consumption trends.”Today 90% of digital media is consumed on open networks, media managers and advertisers lack complete visibility into what services and areas to advertise. We aim to demystify this for the highly complex digital distribution market. This is a significant move from traditional media measurement methods, which heavily rely on human data gathering and analysis.We plan to use this platform to help advertising and market planning agencies spend their budgets more precisely based on the results of the Scope Network”, said Rajeev Kadam, CEO, Divinity Metrics.Scope is a completely automated and securely hosted solution that provides unparalleled analytics on global digital consumption; this information can be used for event planning, effective marketing, and web media promotion. In addition, Scope gives media planners the ability to locate consumers in untapped markets at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions available today. Divinity removes the guesswork from the equation and provides confidence when engaging new markets for content syndication.Scope 1.0 available to select organizations and individuals, for more information on Divinity Metrics and Scope, log on to http://www.divinityMetrics.com or email [email protected]

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