divinity Metrics Introduces Scope 2

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire - August 22, 2007) - divinity Metrics today introduced Scope 2, a significant upgrade to divinity Metrics’ online digital metrics platform which integrates rich YouTubeâ„¢ metrics and demographics. Scope automatically aggregates content and performs metrics across digital audio and video platforms allowing media planners to seamlessly analyze content to aid in syndication, advertising, and marketing campaigns. Scope 2 also features built-in tools to keep track of groups of videos, songs, or authors providing media planners the flexibility to track usage trends across platforms in real-time.”Scope 2 is the greatest advance in doing industrial network-centric metrics across Viral Video and Peer-to-Peer platforms, allowing audio and video to be tracked with unparalleled detail,” said Rajeev Kadam, divinity Metrics’ CEO.As more video and audio platforms emerge, advertisers, marketers, and media planners are facing an addressability crisis. The real challenge today is understanding which platforms contain the desired demographic interested in various types of digital content and services while reducing the amount of work necessary to achieve that goal. From the beginning, Scope allows users to enter a TV Show, Artist, or Movie and Scope locates and performs deep multi-platform metrics without lifting a finger. Scope 2 builds on that tradition by allowing users to add more job types into the Asset screen. Users can simply login to the system and add a new job type, such as Author, and Scope will find all videos by that author, aggregate those videos, and provide unified metrics on all relevant videos.With Scope 2, media planners now have a deeper set of metrics available. Scope provides rich location information by country and city. Also included in Scope is demographics and consumer interaction information, giving media planners never-before-seen insights into the makeup and reaction to video and audio content.”Scope not only provides total audience measurement across all the platforms, but with our advanced aggregation and state-of-the-art infrastructure for harvesting relevant content, advertisers can get unparalleled insight into consumer traffic and demographics information,” said Vishal Sankhla, divinity Metrics’ CTO.Pricing and AvailabilityScope 2 is now available as an online service from divinity Metrics. For more information, please visit divinity Metrics at www.divinityMetrics.com.About divinity Metricsdivinity Metrics is a cutting-edge media metrics company that measures the consumption habits of millions of consumers worldwide and provides media companies with real-time trends and demographics through its flagship product, Scope. divinity Metrics provides actionable metrics allowing Media Planners and Advertisers to make informed and sound marketing and business decisions. divinity Metrics is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Divinity Metrics Tracking the Virtual Campaign Trail

Elections 2008 — vishal @ 5:04 pm

Divinity Metrics has started tracking the virtual campaign trail on YouTube. The 2008 elections will be the first time where online video and user generated buzz will play a central role in driving presidential campaigns to success. Divinity will track trends, traffic and demographics on YouTube. Watch this space in the coming months.

Online video: Today’s to-do list

General, Media, Research — vishal @ 2:21 pm

Develop methodologies for serving and measuring in a super distributed landscape.Staying on top of the methods for digital video distribution online can seem daunting……….Courtesy: Eric Druckenmiller, iMedia Connections

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