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The web is a big deal nowadays for brands. Positioning websites and other related properties is critical for any company trying to get in front of consumers. In fact if you ask any marketer, most will respond that Search engine optimization is high on their agenda. Forrester released some great research that polled over 193 marketers and 87% of them said SEO was one of their highest priorities.It’s easy to get caught up in the positioning of websites. But what about video? The reality is that nowadays most people are moving away from watching TV and going online in droves to watch videos, such as “Leave Britney Alone!” The Writer Strike plaguing Hollywood does not make matters any better. It’s clear that brands cannot rely on TV to get their wares in front of consumers and online video is another lucrative option. The problem is that positioning video is a nightmare. First of all users rarely use search engines that classify videos based on the actual content of videos but rely on the site’s search engine which uses metadata to do its indexing. Tagging standards for videos are still evolving by the day and a lot of companies are trying hard to position their videos correctly. With over 500 million videos on the internet and growing, its easy for a professionally produced videos to get lost and not seen by your target audience.Marketers need to change their game and pay close attention to see what their target demographic are watching on video sites. For example, if you want to position a fashion related video to drive sales for your stores this christmas, make sure Google or Yahoo search pops that magical video of yours in the top search results. As more and more brands add video to their marketing campaigns on their own sites or YouTube, they need to pay closer attention to advanced optimization techniques to make sure that their story is seen, heard, and felt by the right audience.So how does one position video perfectly online? Right now it is more of voodoo magic than a science. There are several brands that made the big jump and tried to produce video to target online video audiences and came up empty handed. It is evident that brands lack metrics and technology to position video. The next few months and beyond should be very interesting in the Video Search Engine Optimization arena.

Television Cannot Ignore BitTorrent

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Everyone knows that BitTorrent is the hands down biggest distribution platform on the planet right now transferring billions of files per year. But a large numbers of those files are television shows. Every release is high quality and often hits the net before it airs on TV.This morning I came across an article about TV and BitTorrent and boy was it dead on. Here is a taste of how the producers are reacting to Weeds, a Showtime program, being released on BitTorrent online:

The hit TV series Weeds has had some high profile unofficial? leaks of their shows prior to airing on television. When a show is on BitTorrent that hasn’t yet aired, it’s a fairly good indicator that there are insiders nod-and-wink at play. The Weeds show producer Jenji Kohan hinted at both her approval of the leaks and the reasons behind them, Revenue aside, I don’t expect to get rich on Weeds, I’m excited it’s out there. Showtime is great, but it does have a limited audience? Weeds ratings continue to grow and leaks seem to be part of their ongoing strategy.

Now it is safe to say that media viewing is becoming increasingly fragmented. There are literally hundreds of video platforms out there and figuring out how to measure and monetize video is the next big challenge. The article also was bang on in mirroring our views on the subject:

BitTorrent and the like are simply new distribution models and the number of our viewers choosing to view our content this way is as relevant as those still choosing to watch on broadcast television. What’s missing is the definitive business model for online that has existed for decades for TV. My prediction is that one single model won’t emerge and that we’ll monetize our content in as many different ways as there are to distribute it.

All in all, a great article. Check out the entire article here

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