Brand20 Index for March 29, 2008

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A new Brand20 is up on the server. Our favorite brands battle out again this week for the chart domination. With hundreds of thousands of videos under close monitoring by Scope, it is always interesting to see what video for each of the brands take the top spot.

Also new in the last two weeks is VMI. Each top video for each brand has VMI score.

You can visit Brand20 here

Sponsoring the Beijing Olympics runs risks for brands on the internet

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One of the neat things about Scope is that we can run landscape campaigns and get amazing data points about brands, movies, television shows, and issues. At any given time, Scope is monitoring millions of videos in realtime delivering key insight to people who are looking to run campaigns for their brand or competitive campaigns to cash in on their competitors marketing budgets.

One of the campaigns running in my account is Coca-Cola. I am a pretty big fan of Coca-Cola because they have done a great job of putting the fizz back into their brand image. Most of their top videos are ones that are professionally created and all their videos have a solid VMI score which have an active community and great viral spread. But as I was watching Scope this evening, I was reminded how advertising no longer can be confined to a target demographic or regional market thanks to social platforms. There are always people out there that will be happy to create a message around your brand for you, good or bad. The best thing any brand can do is to keep on top of what is happening and Scope is a great platform for that.

Case in point, Coca-Cola is sponsoring the Beijing Olympics, no surprise there. But the recent riots in Tibet and the continued support of Sudan by China, highlights the risks brands run with their reputation. Groups have already started flooding viral video sites with videos like, “ABC news report Coca cola support China Killings in Tibet.” Clearly inaccurate and unfair to Coca-Cola but something that can be very damaging to a brand if a video like this gets out of control and spreads all over the place. Here is the video discovered by Scope for the Coca-Cola campaign:

Brand20 Index for March 15, 2008 [Shamrock Edition]

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There is a new Brand20 Index with some Irish flair hitting the main server today. The new list is from March 9th to the 15th, 2008.

High Traffic Video Movement
There has been some good movement among the brands in the last week. Let’s kick things of with Hyundai. Hyundai reclaimed the most trafficked video spot for the week for its brand with its Genesis spot. Here it is:

FedEx landed a new celebrity speaker last year and he has been raking in traffic for FedEx ever since. Newt Gingrich talked about how cool FedEx is in the first few minutes of his speech because FedEx allows you to track the movement of packages. Watch the rest:

A lot of brands made some movement on the chart today. Audi, Microsoft, Hyundai, eBay, McDonald’s, and Mercedes all saw their positions change for the best or worse. This is a direct result of news events that might be taking place around the brands and new campaigns select brands are launching with a viral component.

Some Random Thoughts
Sony got a new winner last week for a Sony PSP contest. Apparently this spam video got a lot of views by a method known as “comment stuffing.” The author basically entered in thousands of bogus comments under the video landing it on the most discussed page on YouTube. The video then got the views. The video was for a contest that is giving away a Sony PSP. I won’t bother embedding it here, but it is on the chart if you want to take a look at it.

This is the great thing about Scope’s VMI technology. The video has a score of 0 because of comment stuffing. If you are an agency or someone to looking to engage online viral video, simply relying on views as a measure of success, is a huge mistake. I recently picked up a copy of AdAge where they were talking about a Tide campaign on YouTube and the author of the story said it was a huge success because it received x millions of views. Maybe so. But was there an active community around the video? Did the video spread virally? Did other authors re-upload the video to their account? These are all important factors when gauging the success of online campaigns.

See you next week. You can check out the latest chart here

Scope’s March Madness

As the Men’s NCAA Basketball Conference tournaments heat up today, and March Madness officially begins, millions of eyes across the nation will be awaiting the next “Cindarella Story” while scouring the web wathcing video clips of their favorite teams and gaining bracket knowledge to ensure they have the best chances to win their office pool. As consumers draw their attention towards the big screen, and spend their lunch hours watching online video clips, major athletic brands and other other advertisers will also be looking for ways to capture the limelight. Brands like “Converse” have really started to engage viral video as an effective vehicle for promoting their products. Last year, they endorsed the likes of Dwayne Wade for their signature shoe, along with the legendary ‘Chuck Taylor’s’. Hundreds and thousands of people glued their eyes to the video screen to watch this Video during this past holiday season.   

 Although that video has had some boastful viewership on YouTube alone, I tend to like Converse’s old school approach. Just last month, there was a commercial acknowledging the legendary “Dr. J” moving gracefully down the court, then showing some serious hang-time for his signature dunk. This clip is sweet. If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you’ll get a glimpse during breaks in the live game action, but just in case, you can catch it here:  

Will the “fans” respond to Converse for Dwayne Wade, as they did for Dr. J and Chuck Taylor? Only time will tell. One thing’s for certain, Converse isn’t scared to use online video to help impact the bottom line. Enjoy the games…Go Stanford!   

Vodafone takes dominoes to the next level

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We are running a campaign in the Scope Measurement Platform for Vodafone when we ran across this video. To be honest, this video is definitely up there when it comes to domino sequences and the entire sequence was done using coins.

dM launches Scope 2.2 online video measurement and engagement platform


Yep, you read correct. A brand spanking new version of Scope has hit the main servers bringing us up to version 2.2. The new version of Scope has some exciting new features. So let’s get started:

New video platforms

Scope 2.2 delivers unparalleled insight into new video platforms. So if you are monitoring a brand, artist, celebrity, individual publisher, performing television syndication research, or even just tracking an individual video, we have you covered in online video and P2P.

On top of that, Scope extends the great positioning and promotion capabilities to your video assets. So now you can take your campaign to new heights by cutting through the crowded field of videos uploaded daily, and targeting your intended audience.

Introducing VMI (Video Marketing Index)

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of videos uploaded to the interwebs each day and figuring out which videos, topics, brands, and personalities are bankable is a hard thing to do. Enter VMI. Video Marketing Index is a new technology that is baked into Scope 2.2 that analyzes, in gory detail, every aspect of a video’s health. The result is the ability to understand which videos have a strong community and a overall positive vibe.

On the flip side, VMI also does a great job of identifying misleading, tampered, negative videos too. This is a great way to maximize ROI of online video campaigns for brands.

Speed improvements

Scope 2.2 is faster than ever. We have worked hard to make our realtime video measurement platform as fast as possible by optimizing our front-end and our back-end cluster. You will notice a 20 percent speed increase in loading times across the board.

We hope you enjoy Scope and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop by the contact form or comment here.

Scope 2.2 product information

New Brand20 for the week of March 8, 2008

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The results for the last week of online video brand warfare are out and its now live on the site. The neat thing about the list going forward is that they are now sorted by how many streams the collective videos for a particular brand received in a week. These results are for streams measured from March 2 through March 8, 2008.

For example, in Scope the campaign for BMW has thousands of videos being watched in realtime. The views those videos get for the week are what we are not sorting by and is listed under the column heading, “One Week Change.”


There are some pretty awesome videos still pulling in thousands of views for a brand. The one that really caught my attention was the one for Hyundai. This commercial was originally created for the French market but was apparently banned. Check it out:

Taco Bell

Here is a great user generated video for Taco Bell and the winner for that campaign in terms of streams. These two guys pull up in the drive thru line and rap their order. The second time around, the Taco Bell employee was not to amused. Check it:


Toyota caught our attention with this ad that was uploaded last year. It still is the king in terms of weekly views for the thousands of videos that are under the Toyota campaign. Many people don’t know that in WOW, the ultimate weapon is a Tundra 4×4 pickup truck and it kicks ass:


Jeremy Clarkson, of Top Gear, is still is raking up the streams in the Chrysler campaign for the week in Scope. Jeremy takes the Chysler 300c for a spin and ends up calling it “rubbish.” In any case, there is quite a lively discussion about this video and cars in general surrounding this video:

There are a lot of great videos on the chart. So check out the latest chart.

Brand20 Chart

Schweppes pops water baloons with style in Burst Ad Spot

Schweppes turned to George Patterson Y&R, an Australian advertising firm, to produce an amazingly beautiful spot. The video you see below of water baloons popping was shot at 10,000 frames per second. 


Title: “To Build A Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra
Album: Ma Fleur
Vocals: Patrick Watson.

Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne
Editor: Jack Hutchings @ The Butchery
Executive Creative Director: Paul Catmur
Creative Director: Ben Coulson
Art Director: Ben Couzens
Copywriter: Jim IngramAgency
Producer: Romanca Jasinski
Director: Garth Davis

Country: Australia
Production Designer: Lucinda Thomson
Post House: Digital Post
Colorist: Edel Rafferty @ Digital Pictures, Melbourne
VFXPost Production: Fin DesignSenior
Flame Compositor: Richard Lambert 

Foster Farms chickens go viral

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Was looking around the Scope Video Measurement Platform and decided to take a stroll through Foster Farms and ran across this awesome video that plays off the Dove commercial called “Evolution.” If you have not seen the Dove commercial, here is the original: 

[YouTube: 450 450]


And now here is the Foster Farms version: 


[YouTube: 450 450] 

dM launches Brand20 Index - Measuring the online video presence of the biggest brands

There are hundreds of millions of videos out there, ever wonder what brands are really engaging online video and doing a good job? We decided to take a look. We picked our favorite twenty brands and were quite surprised at what we got when we plugged the campaigns into Scope. 


Brand20 Splash Big 


So starting this week, we are launching the Brand20 Index. Every week a bunch of our highly trained, excited, and motivated analysts will log into Scope to compile a list of how these twenty brands are fairing in the world of online video. This is a huge deal because a lot of people are moving away from watching TV and going online to watch video in all sorts of places. So, having an online video strategy when it comes to brand management and promotion is key.


How it works 


The easiest way to make this list is to just pick the top video for X brands and make our chart that way. But that is not good enough because what if, for example, Nokia has a video with 10 million but there are only 2 videos related to Nokia. On the other hand a brand like BMW has a top video with 800,000 views but has 6,000 related videos. As you can quickly guess, BMW as a whole has more views.


What we wanted to do was aggregate thousands of videos that are related to a brand and deliver the aggregate stream count. So that is exactly what we did and with the help of Scope, we were able to do it effortlessly. The great thing about Scope is that it does most of the heavy lifting for us. It 1) Indexes all the videos related to our campaign 2) Monitors millions of videos across multiple platforms in realtime 3) Delivers insights into our campaigns such as traffic, unified demographics, and positioning information. In a few clicks, we know where our audience is, how to target them, and how to promote our newly published videos. 


The brands we picked 


The brands were chosen by polling our analysts. These are the brands that will make up the twenty:  BMW, Disney, Audi, Nike, Pepsi, Toyota, Mercedes, Sony, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, EBay, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Hyndai, Motorola, Taco Bell, Chrysler, Dell, Fedex, and American Express.


Suggesting brands


Don’t like one of the brands on there? Want another brand listed and tracked instead? Well here is your chance. Use the comment section on our blog to let us know your thoughts and if you have a suggestion for another brand, speak out! The more vocal people are about another brand, the higher the chance it makes it on the list. 


What to expect next week 


This is the first chart so it is sorted by all time view streams. But starting next week, we will use this chart as a reference point and sort the list of how many streams the twenty brands received for the week.  So we hope you enjoy our first chart. Be sure to click the “Top Video” link to take a look at what the top video is. There is definitely a wide range of videos from professionally created adverts to user generated content. It is truly amazing to see that anyone can have a profound effect on a brand.

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