Brand20 Index for the week of 18th April 2008

We are back with a spanking new Brand20 Index for this week, some highlights:

Microsoft saw a huge jump in their rank this week, Thanks to this internal sales promotion video created for Vista SP1. Finally the Surface Table spoof video is off the charts giving entry to a new video driving traffic for Microsoft. Bloggers world wide picked on this video attempt by Microsoft to drive sales for Vista, check it out here.

A user generated viral video about Cristiano Ronaldo tops the chart for Nike this week, Ronaldo has always been speedy. A new ad campaign which was launched officially on featured the Manchester United winger going faster than ever before — and beating the world’s most powerful road car in a head-to-head race. The video to top the Brand20 chart however highlights his game.

Finally, dont forget to check this Mercedes Benz flipping at 120 miles / hour on the Autobahn, amazingly the driver get our of the car crash alive.

There are a lot of great videos on the chart. So without further delay, check out the latest chart.

New Brand20 Posted [Week of April 5, 2008]


Your weekly fix of Brand20 is ready for consumption for the week of April 5, 2008. Scope does the heavy lifting for us and analyzes tens of thousands of videos for each brand giving us an incredibly detailed overview ranging from demographics to influencers for each brand. 

You can access the latest chart here

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