Brand20 Index for the week of 31st May 2008

Brand20 Index, General — vishal @ 8:36 am


Your wait for the weekly Brand20 Index is over, Every week we crunch millions of videos for the top Brands in the world to publish this never before seen index for the Brands.

Highlights for the week: Car crashing videos are among the most watched videos in the Auto category on online video sites. Look at this amazing Mercedes flipping on the Autobahn in Germany and luckily the driver survives the crash. Beyonce has been really effective in driving the views for American Express on the index, be it her latest Ad with Ellen Degeneres or this parody on The Soup.

It is really important to understand what videos are engaging the audience for your Brand and what is the real marketing value of these videos. Where some user generated videos become a huge hit in the community and some professionally produced videos fail to create buzz, VMI really helps in solving the puzzle. Understand the community presence, audience reaction and viral spread of any video that is about to go viral.


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