Brand20 Index for the week of 22nd June 2008


Brand20 Index for the week of 22nd June has just landed on our website.

BMW has done a fantastic job with their new video about development of the BMW GINA. The video has been re-published several times and lot of other clips have been posted driving the views of BMW in the last 2 weeks.

Autos has a huge audience on online video sites like YouTube and others, thousands of videos are uploaded every week ranging from speeding cars to car crashes and also some interesting ads from around the world. It becomes difficult to target the right audience in this vast sea of online videos and target the audience you really want to go after rather than just uploading the video and praying for lots and lots of views.

Thanks to all the iPhone hype, people are watching a lot of phone related videos online. This new Sony Ericssion C905 video was uploaded 2 weeks back and has got a lot of views in just a few days driving it to the top of the Brand20 index for Sony. The user disabled the comments on the videos and hence even though the video got a lot of views, the community could not engage with it to give feedback.


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