SiCKO Leak: No it won’t hurt the producers

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As everyone knows SiCKO was released on P2P networks and Torrents weeks ahead of the U.S. release date. Now I know what a lot of people are saying, especially studio executives, “OH MY GOD, LOST PROFITS, LOST PROFITS!!!” But is that really the case? It is a known fact that Michael Moore releases his movies on the internet to create buzz and has even been seen telling college students to pirate his earlier films. Does Michael Moore know something that every other studio exec doesn’t? You bet. 

 This is classic Marketing 101 and a great way to drive profits. The first thing Mr. Moore understands is that people who consume Torrents and reside on P2P networks are trend setters. They are often well versed in technology and are often the “go to” person when their friends or families need something. Another fact that Michael Moore understands is that lugging video around to give to your friends is not the easiest thing to do. It is not because it is hard but because the people who download this content likely don’t pass it around because their friends don’t have the right equipment or it will take them extra time to teach them how to view it. The easiest thing to do is not pass it around. Downloaders consume vast amounts of music, movies and television shows and mostly just chuck them in the trash can after they are done watching them.But here is where the genius of Michael Moore comes into play. Those very people who downloaded the film, watched the film, and liked the film magically turn into a speaker box of promotion. Take for example the office down the hall from us. One person there downloaded the film over the weekend, watched it, and absolutely loved it. Most of the office did not know what SiCKO was but after the day was over this person had told everyone and the office was full of discussion about the pitfalls of the Iraq War and the U.S. medical system. This weekend when those very office workers are at the box office and deciding what movie to see, SiCKO is now going to be a sweet option from them because the tech genius and “go to” guy recommended it.This is a time of finite advertising budgets. There is so much content out there to choose from and so many platforms to target, it quickly becomes an absolute nightmare to find your audience and engage them with your message. This is why we exist and this is the type of software we provide to studios, television networks, and advertising companies help get the message out. While we don’t do what Michael Moore practices, we have to give him credit for going beyond traditional means with a small budget and getting a million people talking about SiCKO and raving about it to countless millions more.

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