Music Money Shifts from CDs to Concerts

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Check out this blog post I came across recently:“As with all digital media, since it has no cost to distribute, you have to decide what you want to charge for and what you want to use as advertising to sell something else. As illustrated in the link, it might make more sense to allow music to be played on radio and internet radio for free as advertising for concerts.”

The Battle Over Music Piracy

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Time magazine ran an awesome piece on DRM and music piracy. Below is excerpt from the article. You can read the entire article here.“To be clear: most of us really are criminals. Almost everybody owns a little stolen music. But a little piracy can be a good thing. Sure, O.K., I ripped the audio of the Shins’ Phantom Limb off a YouTube video. But on the strength of that minor copyright atrocity, I legally bought two complete Shins albums and shelled out for a Shins concert. The legit market feeds off the black market. Music execs just need to figure out how to live with that. (And count themselves lucky. When it comes to movies, consumers actually do act like hardened criminals. The real pirate war is being fought in Hollywood.)”

Q1 2007, Music Sales update

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Q1 2007 is over and it was interesting to follow some facts from the media world. Physical CD sales were down over 20%, and close to a $20 million drop in revenue. Digital sales however were up over 50%! For the Online music stores, this is a very good sign, however the considerable growth isn’t enough to offset the physical recession.This is a great time to look into Divinity Assets SCOPE technology.Record Companies today need to start thinking outside the box. Their survival is dependent on sharing their revenue stream with their Artists. You might ask yourself, how can they share revenue when they lack major profits? Record labels need to find revenue streams other than traditional album sales. They need to look for better tools enabling them to monetize their investments in the Artist. Relying on a major album release as a blockbuster sale is equivalent to driving yourself right off a cliff. Using a tool like Divinity Assets Scope heals this pain, and enables Artists and Labels to discover new and emerging markets. Once uncovering where your markets are, you can now begin strategically Advertising on multiple platforms (Mobile, Web, p2p, Traditional) and building a stronger Brand for your artists. SCOPE also brings Event planning into the digital age strengthening touring schedules, and increasing overall merchandising. Scope is an all-inclusive tool that only makes you, THE RECORD LABEL, more appealing to your clients, as acts a viable way to create opportunity for your business.

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