dM launches Scope 2.2 online video measurement and engagement platform


Yep, you read correct. A brand spanking new version of Scope has hit the main servers bringing us up to version 2.2. The new version of Scope has some exciting new features. So let’s get started:

New video platforms

Scope 2.2 delivers unparalleled insight into new video platforms. So if you are monitoring a brand, artist, celebrity, individual publisher, performing television syndication research, or even just tracking an individual video, we have you covered in online video and P2P.

On top of that, Scope extends the great positioning and promotion capabilities to your video assets. So now you can take your campaign to new heights by cutting through the crowded field of videos uploaded daily, and targeting your intended audience.

Introducing VMI (Video Marketing Index)

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of videos uploaded to the interwebs each day and figuring out which videos, topics, brands, and personalities are bankable is a hard thing to do. Enter VMI. Video Marketing Index is a new technology that is baked into Scope 2.2 that analyzes, in gory detail, every aspect of a video’s health. The result is the ability to understand which videos have a strong community and a overall positive vibe.

On the flip side, VMI also does a great job of identifying misleading, tampered, negative videos too. This is a great way to maximize ROI of online video campaigns for brands.

Speed improvements

Scope 2.2 is faster than ever. We have worked hard to make our realtime video measurement platform as fast as possible by optimizing our front-end and our back-end cluster. You will notice a 20 percent speed increase in loading times across the board.

We hope you enjoy Scope and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop by the contact form or comment here.

Scope 2.2 product information

Scope 2.1 with Mimic video positioning goes live

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Scope 2.1 has hit the intertubes and boy are there some great new features. The biggest is Mimic, the first SEO service for video that is based on some solid technology. I am pretty excited about this because it has some incredible insight on how to position video. By analyzing millions of videos in realtime based on your campaign variables, Mimic is able to tell you exactly how to position your video content to the right audience.This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for companies that are looking to engage consumers on video networks. So take a look at Mimic.

Video Search Optimization

Scope Product News — vishal @ 10:27 pm

The web is a big deal nowadays for brands. Positioning websites and other related properties is critical for any company trying to get in front of consumers. In fact if you ask any marketer, most will respond that Search engine optimization is high on their agenda. Forrester released some great research that polled over 193 marketers and 87% of them said SEO was one of their highest priorities.It’s easy to get caught up in the positioning of websites. But what about video? The reality is that nowadays most people are moving away from watching TV and going online in droves to watch videos, such as “Leave Britney Alone!” The Writer Strike plaguing Hollywood does not make matters any better. It’s clear that brands cannot rely on TV to get their wares in front of consumers and online video is another lucrative option. The problem is that positioning video is a nightmare. First of all users rarely use search engines that classify videos based on the actual content of videos but rely on the site’s search engine which uses metadata to do its indexing. Tagging standards for videos are still evolving by the day and a lot of companies are trying hard to position their videos correctly. With over 500 million videos on the internet and growing, its easy for a professionally produced videos to get lost and not seen by your target audience.Marketers need to change their game and pay close attention to see what their target demographic are watching on video sites. For example, if you want to position a fashion related video to drive sales for your stores this christmas, make sure Google or Yahoo search pops that magical video of yours in the top search results. As more and more brands add video to their marketing campaigns on their own sites or YouTube, they need to pay closer attention to advanced optimization techniques to make sure that their story is seen, heard, and felt by the right audience.So how does one position video perfectly online? Right now it is more of voodoo magic than a science. There are several brands that made the big jump and tried to produce video to target online video audiences and came up empty handed. It is evident that brands lack metrics and technology to position video. The next few months and beyond should be very interesting in the Video Search Engine Optimization arena.

divinity Metrics Introduces Scope 2

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire - August 22, 2007) - divinity Metrics today introduced Scope 2, a significant upgrade to divinity Metrics’ online digital metrics platform which integrates rich YouTubeâ„¢ metrics and demographics. Scope automatically aggregates content and performs metrics across digital audio and video platforms allowing media planners to seamlessly analyze content to aid in syndication, advertising, and marketing campaigns. Scope 2 also features built-in tools to keep track of groups of videos, songs, or authors providing media planners the flexibility to track usage trends across platforms in real-time.”Scope 2 is the greatest advance in doing industrial network-centric metrics across Viral Video and Peer-to-Peer platforms, allowing audio and video to be tracked with unparalleled detail,” said Rajeev Kadam, divinity Metrics’ CEO.As more video and audio platforms emerge, advertisers, marketers, and media planners are facing an addressability crisis. The real challenge today is understanding which platforms contain the desired demographic interested in various types of digital content and services while reducing the amount of work necessary to achieve that goal. From the beginning, Scope allows users to enter a TV Show, Artist, or Movie and Scope locates and performs deep multi-platform metrics without lifting a finger. Scope 2 builds on that tradition by allowing users to add more job types into the Asset screen. Users can simply login to the system and add a new job type, such as Author, and Scope will find all videos by that author, aggregate those videos, and provide unified metrics on all relevant videos.With Scope 2, media planners now have a deeper set of metrics available. Scope provides rich location information by country and city. Also included in Scope is demographics and consumer interaction information, giving media planners never-before-seen insights into the makeup and reaction to video and audio content.”Scope not only provides total audience measurement across all the platforms, but with our advanced aggregation and state-of-the-art infrastructure for harvesting relevant content, advertisers can get unparalleled insight into consumer traffic and demographics information,” said Vishal Sankhla, divinity Metrics’ CTO.Pricing and AvailabilityScope 2 is now available as an online service from divinity Metrics. For more information, please visit divinity Metrics at divinity Metricsdivinity Metrics is a cutting-edge media metrics company that measures the consumption habits of millions of consumers worldwide and provides media companies with real-time trends and demographics through its flagship product, Scope. divinity Metrics provides actionable metrics allowing Media Planners and Advertisers to make informed and sound marketing and business decisions. divinity Metrics is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Divinity Metrics Introduces The World’s Largest Online Digital Metrics Platform

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May 1, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - Divinity Metrics today announced the world’s largest metrics platform called, Scope. Scope is a global media metrics platform that changes the way digital media is measured and is the first platform that allows advertisers, media planners, and event promoters to track consumers in real-time. Scope is powered by patent pending technology that aggregates and analyzes information about millions of users around the world consuming digital content and displays targeted geographical consumption trends.”Today 90% of digital media is consumed on open networks, media managers and advertisers lack complete visibility into what services and areas to advertise. We aim to demystify this for the highly complex digital distribution market. This is a significant move from traditional media measurement methods, which heavily rely on human data gathering and analysis.We plan to use this platform to help advertising and market planning agencies spend their budgets more precisely based on the results of the Scope Network”, said Rajeev Kadam, CEO, Divinity Metrics.Scope is a completely automated and securely hosted solution that provides unparalleled analytics on global digital consumption; this information can be used for event planning, effective marketing, and web media promotion. In addition, Scope gives media planners the ability to locate consumers in untapped markets at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions available today. Divinity removes the guesswork from the equation and provides confidence when engaging new markets for content syndication.Scope 1.0 available to select organizations and individuals, for more information on Divinity Metrics and Scope, log on to or email [email protected]

Scope and Beyond, Metrics 2.0

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Apart from the snazzy logo that we have now thanks to Shadi, we also made some changes in Scope. Scope is a fantastic tool as it is but we keep looking at it and thinking of new ways we can help our users obtain more market insights and be more productive in conducting research. We cleaned up some of screens and made some significant performance improvements. You will notice right out of the gate that many of the screens are up to 25-40% faster then before. Most of the changes that were made was based on feedback from our beta customers, so keep those comments flowing in.While we are working away to make Scope better, it is always interesting to keep tabs on what is happening in the industry today. When you look at the time we are living in, you cannot help but think that the media market is exactly like it was in 1920 in a way. A new medium of delivering video is starting to take shape and there are many companies experimenting on how to deliver content in a format that will engage consumers. But the fact is that unlike anytime in history there are so many mediums to obtain digital content from. You can obtain content from your XBOX, the Web, PSP, PS3, BitTorrent, P2P Services, Viral Videos, cell phones, PDAs, and it seems more new devices and services popping up everyday. It has become a nightmare for Media Managers. Which networks to syndicate to? How much to charge for licensing? Are there new markets for my content? The result, today revenue is being lost in the billions by not having pinpoint and accurate metrics on where to engage audiences and that is a sad fact.The traditional methods used by Neilson and gang are not enough when you take all the mediums and various kinds of content available. The sheer fact that the average American household has over a 100 channels on their traditional television coupled with the media offerings of the web, means it is increasingly important to have rock solid metrics so that you can find the people who are interested in your content.To make matters worse, today’s consumer, from our research, is more fickle than ever. The average savvy user jumps between platforms faster and faster to get their content fix and having the latest hot thing in that geographical area or culture is key. The user will get their content they desire one way or another, either through a sanctioned platform or another third party platform. That is where the need of a truly cross platform media metric tools are in increasing demand. To quickly find your audience and drive conversion is the name of the game now a days and the company that has the media military which posses the right eyes and ears (metric tools) is going to be very well of.By the way, did you know Brazil was one of the top consumers of Heroes; the popular NBC drama. One of my favorite TV shows. Check out next blog post for more details ☺

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