NBC Heroes’ Peer to Peer audience awaits season 3


Heroes is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded shows online and one that we track in our multi platform video measurement and audience engagement platform Scope. With the hype building for the new season of Heroes premiering in September 2008, we decided to put the last two seasons under microscope and see what were the total downloads for each show. See below for a list of the most popular shows of Heroes.


The table above is just a sample snapshot taken from the Scope for Heroes consumption globally and in the United States. With over 2,500 torrent files uploaded online for Heroes, it was downloaded over 14.5 million times by consumers worldwide. France was the top country of download for Heroes with about 7 million downloads followed by United Kingdom and United States with 3.6 million and 3.2 million downloads for the show so far. As you can see, the demand for Season 2 after the amazing season finale was huge and the first episode of Season 2 was the most downloaded show so far for Heroes with over 1.3 million downloads worldwide just for that one show alone. We will be eagerly watching the next season and how it debuts online and on peer to peer.

One of the great things about Scope is that we not only track peer-to-peer but also all the viral video platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion and tons of other sites out there. Check out this Fan made trailer of Heroes Season 3:

For any further information on the metrics or access to raw data, please contact us.

Kia dealership hires Obama impersonator to unload Rios

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What if Barack Obama went out and decided to get a new ride, what would it be? A Ford? Dodge? Nope, it’s a KIA! Heh. It’s no secret that Obama does well on television and with online video. A local Kia dealership decided to cash in by hiring a guy that looked like Obama to get on stage to unload tons of Rios at apparently great savings. See for yourself:    

  The video was picked on the Daily Show and continues to rack up views as it spreads past TV.   

Heroes Returns

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Heroes returned to prime time NBC a couple of weeks back with a bang. Like millions of people around the world, I have eagerly enjoyed the last few episodes. As I was glued to my television set, millions were watching Heroes in a very different way…through torrents. The reality of the new digital landscape is startling. Heroes comes out online in HDTV hours before national broadcast completely free of drug, Tide, Coke, and soap commercials and at extremely fast download speeds. The lack of commercials and fast download speeds is a huge issue for advertisers and shows how in-show marketing is the wave of the future. But without good metrics (unless you are getting it from us), you have no idea to really understand the true value of a show like Heroes.What is interesting is that in syndicated markets like Spain, Heroes is a couple of episodes back compared to what is airing in the United States. What is stunning is to see the way newly released English episodes spread around the world and to see potential new markets that were previously thought to have no interest in Heroes. This is a great opportunity for NBC or for Heroes’ production company to introduce new markets to the new Heroes storyline they are planning.So how do you figure out where to push for syndication or market additional products on a global scale? The traditional method would be to hire a bunch of families who are avid TV viewers and poll them to see the traction for a particular show. I was stunned to learn that is exactly what is going on! So why does this not work? Well things are different now. People are viewing content on many different platforms. While there might be metering technology on a TV set-top box, is there metering technology on the numerous other platforms families are now viewing content on? Nope. So like all things old, metering technology is on its way out and network centric monitoring is on its way in. Scope is the first step in that direction as we quickly realized that meters and panels were dying.

The Black Donnelly’s Metrics

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The Black Donnelly’s is a great show that premiered on NBC a couple of weeks ago to strong reviews and a warm reception in the United States. We decided to take a look at the trends online in terms of regional traction of the show and found some interesting results I thought I would share with you guys.TBDWe decided to start off with a sample set of 2800 people for now to see what we could deduce on a global scale. The results were quite interesting. Of course, the United States was first in the consumption and after filtering out BayTSP and company, we were left with New York, NY being the biggest consumer of The Black Donnelley’s in the United States. Surprise! Surprise! And of course, very closely followed by Brooklyn, NY.This type of genre is pretty popular in New York but its appeal has an international flavor as well. Looking at our list of runner up countries, we can see that France, UK, Germany, and Australia are also heavy watchers of the show. All these stats are available in Scope, so go add The Black Donnelley’s to your asset list in Scope and watch the show.

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