Scope’s March Madness

As the Men’s NCAA Basketball Conference tournaments heat up today, and March Madness officially begins, millions of eyes across the nation will be awaiting the next “Cindarella Story” while scouring the web wathcing video clips of their favorite teams and gaining bracket knowledge to ensure they have the best chances to win their office pool. As consumers draw their attention towards the big screen, and spend their lunch hours watching online video clips, major athletic brands and other other advertisers will also be looking for ways to capture the limelight. Brands like “Converse” have really started to engage viral video as an effective vehicle for promoting their products. Last year, they endorsed the likes of Dwayne Wade for their signature shoe, along with the legendary ‘Chuck Taylor’s’. Hundreds and thousands of people glued their eyes to the video screen to watch this Video during this past holiday season.   

 Although that video has had some boastful viewership on YouTube alone, I tend to like Converse’s old school approach. Just last month, there was a commercial acknowledging the legendary “Dr. J” moving gracefully down the court, then showing some serious hang-time for his signature dunk. This clip is sweet. If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you’ll get a glimpse during breaks in the live game action, but just in case, you can catch it here:  

Will the “fans” respond to Converse for Dwayne Wade, as they did for Dr. J and Chuck Taylor? Only time will tell. One thing’s for certain, Converse isn’t scared to use online video to help impact the bottom line. Enjoy the games…Go Stanford!   

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