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Oh yea! Opened by inbox and got a sweet gift from the art department this afternoon. A nice graphic summarizing the state of the online video viewing situation in regards to our two presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain. Barack Obama has done a fantastic job of engaging social media and online video since the primary season but since Sarah Palin entered the fray, John McCain has also been padding his online video portfolio.

We are so fortunate to have such a powerful online video metrics platform at our disposal where we can track on a very global scale what is happening with brands, content, music, and even presidential candidates. We are tracking over 200 million videos and every piece of interaction data around them in realtime. The Scope Video Metrics Platform also gives us the amazing ability to drill down on a very granular level and deliver the behavior metrics of viewers on any given video platform. This gives us amazing insights on how to create content, optimize it, and position it perfectly on a given video platform. Truly powerful indeed.

We are planning a series of posts and infographics exploring the issues in this election but we thought we would kick things off with a summary graphic. Below is a break down of the state of each candidate’s videos online. We show you the views, comments, viewing rate, gender, age, and what platforms are key for each candidate. Keep in mind the candidate himself might have uploaded the video or someone else could have done the same. In either case, Scope can identify videos using our MultiMatch algorithms.


Some interesting things to note. Barack Obama attracted more female viewers than John McCain which I thought was very interesting. You would think after John McCain picked Sarah Palin, female viewers would take a look at the McCain ticket to see what she is all about but Obama is holding on steadily to the female demographic by about 5 percentage points.


On the age front, Barack Obama is pulling in more younger viewers while McCain is pulling in a slightly older bunch which is to be expected. So on that note, enjoy the information and stay tuned to more posts on this very exciting presidential election. We have a series of great posts coming up that really dives in to the issues.


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The video metrics of the Democratic National Convention

After rousing speeches by Hillary yesterday and Bill Clinton today at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado; Democrats across the United States are waiting for their champion, Barack Obama, to take center stage tomorrow night.

Online video has played a pivotal role in this election’s party conventions and a flood of videos have already come in for the event. While McCain acknoledges he is no net guru, Barack’s team has done a good job f creating an online presence and has really engaged the net community remenicient of a brand like Nike or Coca-Cola.

There are 18 million democrats across the United States, but if you look at the online audience the numbers are mind boggling. Both candidates have channels on YouTube and below is quick overview of the total views. In terms of engagement, John McCains videos have managed to get equal number of comments and community reaction with far lesser videos compared to Barack’s channel.


If we look at the bigger picture here and include all he videos uploaded by any publisher across over 150 video sharing sites across the world, so far Barack has completely outdone the McCain campaign, let’s see if all these views and videos will convert into votes. For now both the campaigns have given enough video fodder for their followers to make this election a truly memorable one.

We are also comparing the conventions when it come to online video, so far there are over 1000 videos already out there for the DNC, mostly people posting their responses to the speeches and trying to do their bit to support the candidate. The videos uploaded for the convention have got close to 5 million views so far across 27 video sites and this is before the big speech by Barack himself tomorrow.

Watch this space to see how the biggest events for both parties fare online. We will prep up some interesting stats using our new Scope video metrics platform. Stay tuned.

Democratic presidential primary video metrics wrap up

With the primary season finally over, we are now ready to publish some of our findings regarding the Democratic political candidates and their supporter’s use of viral video.

One of the biggest challenges political candidates have is understanding viral video consumption across the web. People are viewing video on a variety of sites including YouTube and MySpace as well as on blogs and social networking profiles. With current monitoring systems is it very difficult to track this viewership and determine demographics and engagement right down to the city level. There is only one service on the market, that we know of, that can monitor millions of online videos across multiple viral video platforms in real time and offer critical user activity and demographics data along with engagement tools to help get in front of the right audience on any video platform. That service is Scope Video.

Strategists from each campaign have embraced online video and it is amazing to see how powerful video has become for political candidates. Both, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s campaigns used the major viral video platforms (although the best results came from YouTube ) to get their message out to supporters. Barack Obama outnumbered Hillary Clinton when it came to posting videos online. Clinton’s campaign uploaded about 250 videos on YouTube where as Barack’s team uploaded over one thousand videos during this time span. These officially released videos uploaded by the two campaigns received over 65 million views combined with about 13.5m views for Clinton and a staggering 52m views for Obama.

What is more important than the number of videos the candidates themselves uploaded is the thousands of videos their supporters uploaded. With Scope Video doing all the heavy lifting for us we were able to go the extra mile and track ALL the videos related to the candidates across multiple video platforms around the globe.

Our findings revealed that the total volume of video views to date related to each candidate, which were not uploaded officially by the campaign, exceeded the official views by an average of over 500%. Barack Obama cleaned up with 316,605,687 views while Clinton racked up 69,676,016 views across viral video sites as of 12th June 2008.

Own Views
Global Views
Barack Obama



Hillary Clinton



Views are a great way to understand if a video is being seen but it is not the only measure of success. What is needed to understand is if the video is doing well in a marketing sense. Are people really engaging with the videos. Do they provide ratings and comments on them? Are they sharing the video with others? Do they embed the videos in their blogs and social networking profiles? If yes, then the candidate has done a great job in content creation, positioning, and promotion of the video.

In order to accurately and consistently report on these engagement characteristics, Scope Video now offers VMI aka “Video Marketing Index,” a definitive rating number that rates the overall health of a video. The VMI is rated on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest.

Let’s take a look at the overall VMI numbers for the candidates:

Author VMI

Global VMI

Barack Obama


Hillary Clinton


We can see that the VMI for Barack Obama edged out Hillary Clinton on viral video platforms when we include all the videos uploaded by the candidates themselves and other authors.

Barack Obama did a great job early on of inspiring people to create video, discuss the issues, and take up the cause outside of the platform. The quality of engagement did take a heavy hit as we moved to the latter part of the primary season when several events, like the Jeremiah Wright, eroded the quality of the conversation around Obama.

For Hilary Clinton, the conversation online was bleak in the early days of the primary battle. As the battle waged on we saw a lot of chatter pick up around her and she really did a good job of creating conversation and engagement online.

On the demographics front, both candidates saw wildly different demographics supporting them based on exit polling data. But online, the viewing audience was about the same. The great thing about Scope is that we can figure out demographics on a subset of videos on video platforms. Armed with this knowledge, candidates can create content that really resonates with the right audience. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had the same gender breakdown. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama recieved a 75% male audience and a 25% female audience. The age demographics were almost the same with the bulk of the audience being made up of 18-34 year olds.

Hillary Clinton


Barack Obama

BO, Demos

With Scope, it is possible to not only target this audience watching and engaging with political videos but also pin point the videos uploaded by the campaigns themselves in front of the right audience. Scope is the only product which helps marketers to sample the landscape on online videos in order to understand unified demographics and traffic trends across all online videos sites like YouTube, MySpace and others. With a simple click, marketers can drill into any platform and understand the dynamics of individual sites to accurately target audience on those sites.

Use of technology in presidential elections has come a long way in 2008. Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook have proved to be very very important in getting the attention of the audience that generally does not vote or does not care about the issues critical to the country or their future. Please refer to this excellent analysis by Jeremiah Owyang on this Social Media and web marketing blog for more analysis of the campaigns on other sites like Twitter and the blogosphere.

Kia dealership hires Obama impersonator to unload Rios

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What if Barack Obama went out and decided to get a new ride, what would it be? A Ford? Dodge? Nope, it’s a KIA! Heh. It’s no secret that Obama does well on television and with online video. A local Kia dealership decided to cash in by hiring a guy that looked like Obama to get on stage to unload tons of Rios at apparently great savings. See for yourself:    

  The video was picked on the Daily Show and continues to rack up views as it spreads past TV.   

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