Introducing Mimic
There are over 300 million videos on the internet today and over 200,000 videos being uploaded each day. How can you make sure your content does not get lost in the crowd? In the past, the positioning of video content was mostly a guessing game which often resulted in failed video campaigns. Today, Scope revolutionizes the way content is positioned by harnessing the power of Mimic. With Mimic, you have the unprecedented ability to analyze millions of videos related to your campaign by scrutinizing several unique video characteristics and environment variables in each video. The result is users finding, viewing, and spreading your videos.

How it works.
Today's search engines, such as Google, cannot index based on video content. If certain videos are not tagged and titled correctly, search engines will classify the video incorrectly thus jeopardizing the campaign. Without technical expertise and large scale network aggregation, it is impossible to promote content online effectively.

Video positioning so easy, yet extremely powerful
Enter Scope Metrics Platform, Scope is the only cross platform solution on the market that provides marketers with tools and technology needed to capture online video audiences. With Scope's unified view of media consumption across multiple platforms, marketers can answer the ultimate question of what makes content click with audiences.
Scope monitors millions of videos in realtime and aggregates countless more. With Scope's intelligent matching system, the relevant videos are matched to your campaign. The result is an amazing unified view that delivers great insight into traffic, user reaction, comments, and demographics.
Mimic analyzes every video matched to your campaign by doing deep analysis of several critical characteristics ranging from popularity to sentiment. Mimic goes even deeper by also comparing environment variables.

Mimic also has the ability to combine and analyze campaigns. With a click of a button, Mimic will perform cross campaign analytics of all aggregated videos and deliver suggestions on how to market your video to these audiences. With Mimic it's just that easy!

Mimic's easy to use interface is extremely powerful and gives results that are easy to understand. Within minutes, you are on your way to positioning videos to your target audience.